Map : Finding the Magic in the Story of Your Life


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Enter a profound journey as you travel through and explore your innerland seapes, Meet the imaginary beings that hold the keys to the wisdom hidden in your subconscious. The Wizard of Awareness the gentle Gardener, the Bone Collector and the Spirits of the psychological terrain you traverse, who know where to find the treasure in each experience, Discover how to tame the mischievous trickster Goblin, who locks you into old habits. Each of these aspects of your psyche has lessons for you, and each responds to your directions, for you are in charge of your own map.

You don’t have to feel lost or disoriented in this time of global transformation on be at the mercy of the winds of change. The Map invites you to boldly claim your power to direct your journey so that you may find meaning purpose, true prosperity, and joy, Step into the magic, and harness the extraordinary power within you to shape your destiny.

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