Margins Zodiac Birthday Card

Letter-pressed cards with renderings of astrological signs

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Why We Love This

Artistic and astrological, these beautifully rendered images of Zodiac signs on tree-free paper are a meaningful way to send a birthday wish to friends or loved onesóto connect them to their own birth characteristics. The cards are blank inside, allowing for an even more personalized message, be it earthy or spiritual.


The search for human meaning in the sky stretches far back into our history on the planet. As ancient philosophy puts its: “As above, so below.” What we today call astrology is the ages-old human endeavor to understand our behavior as it is influenced by planets and other celestial objects. From the earliest of times, the zodiac has been used in many cultures to predict or reflect characteristics of personality, with an image (human, animal, inanimate) assigned to each birth month. Take the five here. Gemini is represented by a pair of twins because Gemini rarely like to do anything alone and are often said to have two personalities. Cancer is a water sign (hence the crab), which indicates a deep, mysterious side that can also be gentle and nurturing. The lion embodies the best characteristics of the Leo: proud, regal and in charge. Virgo is symbolized by a Maiden: mild-mannered on the surface, but very active underneath. Libra is represented by scales, since Libras need balance in their lives and benefit from meditation. Each card is 5.5″ x 5.5″ù and comes with a matching envelope in a protective sleeve.

About the Maker

The celestial and spiritual worlds inspire the works of Margins, a California printmaking company. So do earthly traditions. Margins maintains a link to our creative past by reviving patterns, processes and principles that may have been long forgotten, hidden, or, as they put it, “on the margins,” and reworking them in calendars, prints and cards. Their hand-printed worksóusing silkscreen, letterpress, etching and lithographyóare all created with sustainability in mind. Inks are water- and soy-based; even the wood in the frames is sustainably harvested.

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