Martine Mikaeloff: Nakkala Dish

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A hand-thrown porcelain dish with glossy-white glaze


Why We Love This

Dine, don’t eat, from this beautiful dish. Crafted from fine porcelain clay, it may appear delicate, but is intended for daily use. We think its polar ice-inspired glaze is pretty and unique, which balances the symmetry of the shape with an organic sensibility.


Objects made from traditional English porcelain are at once delicate and durable. Artist Martine Mikaeloff’s Nakkala collection is inspired by polar ice. Hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel in her Belgium workshop, this dish has a perfectly symmetrical form and is finished in a distinctive glaze, which gives the glossy-white surface a depth and reflective quality like mica. With a relaxed rim, this dish is suited for individual helpings or for serving groups. And while it complements any serving ware, it’s definitely a standout piece.

About the Maker

Martine Mikaeloff is the artist behind the Belgian ceramic line Caudron Mikaeloff Martine. Influenced by the cycles of nature, her plates and bowls have a truly organic sensibility. Using only the finest English porcelain and French stoneware clays, her pieces are either wheel-thrown or hand-built, and finished with her distinctive glazes. Each vessel is unique and considered an extension of the heart and soul. The result is refined serving ware that adds a touch of beauty to any table setting.

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