Martine Mikaeloff: Nakkala Thrown Plate

A hand-thrown porcelain plate with glossy-white glaze, available in two sizes


Why We Love This

This wheel-thrown porcelain Nakkala Thrown Plate may look delicate, but it’s been expertly crafted for daily use. Its polar ice-inspired glaze is pretty and unique, which balances the symmetry of the shape with an organic sensibility. The plate’s relaxed rim makes it great for individual use or as a small serving platter.


Objects made from traditional English porcelain are at once delicate and durable. Artist Martine Mikaeloff’s Nakkala collection is inspired by polar ice. Hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel in her Belgium workshop, this plate has a perfectly symmetrical form and is finished in a distinctive glaze, which gives the glossy-white surface a depth and reflective quality like mica. While this plate complements any serving ware, it’s definitely a standout piece. It’s also available in two sizes: small and large.

About the Maker

Martine Mikaeloff is the artist behind the Belgian ceramic line Caudron Mikaeloff Martine. Influenced by the cycles of nature, her plates and bowls have a truly organic sensibility. Using only the finest English porcelain and French stoneware clays, her pieces are either wheel-thrown or hand-built, and finished with her distinctive glazes. Each vessel is unique and considered an extension of the heart and soul. The result is refined serving ware that adds a touch of beauty to any table setting.

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Weight 10.9 oz





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