Meraki Nomad Sacred Spirit Oil


A blend of sacred scents made with white wildcrafted sage and palo santo wood


Why We Love This

This oil in intended for the pulse points and the third eye to instill fresh energy and uplift the spirits. The palo santo scent, which has healing properties, and the white sage, with its mood-cleansing characteristics, make for a potent combination.


Sacred oils have a rich tradition in spiritual healing circles, relished for their protective and cleansing properties. The particular plants used in this oil create its character and scent. Sage, long used in Native American culture as a purifying ceremonial herb, is known for its cleansing properties and its sweet aromaƇ released when the leaves are rubbed together. Palo santo oil from Peru is extracted from the wood of a sacred tree (palo santo means “holy wood”) and dates back to the Incan empire, when it was linked to shamanic rituals. In South American culture, this scent has traditionally been used to purify a space, awaken the soul and cleanse negative energies. The resin is also said to be soothing for colds, asthma and arthritis. This blend of scared oil comes in a 10 ml. glass bottle with a chip of palo santo wood inside.

About the Maker

Adrienne Fisher, the founder of Meraki Nomad, has a Native American background, a wanderer’s curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the sacred arts. A nomadic spirit inspires her company’s handmade goods, sourced through her travels around the world and chosen with a passion for healing and ritual. Her collection of makers’works is curated with a dedication to telling the story of an object, revealing its inspiration, and most of all, its soul.

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