Midori Spiral Ring Elephant Notebook 20 Sheets


A 20-sheet notebook with brown kraft cover available in two sizes


Why We Love This

Each book in this collection is inspired by an animal from a different part of the world. The pages in the Spiral Ring Elephant Notebook are made from thick grey carton paper, paying tribute to an elephant’s thick grey skin. When creativity calls, this notebook is ideal for sketches or journal entries.


This notebook is from the Traveler’s Collection, which pays homage to the many animals of the globe by including the characteristics of each animal on the type of paper used. The Spiral Ring Elephant Notebook has thick grey pages inspired by the thick-skin of an elephant. This is a great scrapbook to take along on a journey, or to hold a trip’s artifacts upon return. The spiral ring is woven into each cover and set of pages, adding an extra bit of detail to the book’s design.

About the Maker

Midori has made premium stationery in Japan since 1950óinnovating in design, and incorporating a vintage feel into the line. Carefully crafted notebooks, paper goods and brass items are made with consideration of beauty, functionality and materials. The paper achieves a particular degree of opaqueness, ensuring no bleeding occurs when pen hits paper. The covers of the notebooks are minimalistósimple and without any graphics to distract. Midori crafts each item with intention of use and attention to detail in a very present way.

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