Millionaire Maker : Act, Think, and Make Money The Way The Wealthy Do – Hardcover


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Master the art of wealth building, and make money the way millionaires do!

There are only two things millionaires have that you don‰_t: wealth and the knowledge to build wealth. But that‰_s all about to change. Thanks to ‰ÛÏMillionaire Maker‰_ Loral Langemeier, you can develop the same financial intelligence that millionaires use to create, grow, and sustain their fortunes.

Regardless of your income‰ÛÓand in as little as one year‰ÛÓthe exclusive wealth-building method inThe Millionaire Maker can have you generating enough money to

  • Quit your job and start doing the things you love
  • Control and then eliminate your debt no matter how much you owe
  • Live your life on your schedule‰ÛÓinstead of your employer‰_s

Loral Langemeier has already shown thousands of people how to tailor her proven wealth-building program to their individual needs, no matter what their financial condition‰ÛÓand she can do it for you too. As a hardworking single mom, Loral developed a process of transforming her income into assets, and assets into income that in turn created even more assets‰ÛÓsomething she calls the Wealth Cycle. Using her program, you‰_ll learn how to build your own continually growing cycle of wealth by

  • Engaging in business ventures that generate passive income
  • Substantially decreasing your tax burden
  • Forming trusts, corporations, and partnerships to protect your assets and create a nonstop revenue stream

You‰_ll also gain free access to many of the resources and investment advisors previously available only to those who sign up for Loral‰_s world-famous Live Out Loud ( seminars and workshops.

To live the life you‰_ve always wanted, all you need is a sincere commitment to building wealth and a proven system to make it happen‰ÛÓwhich you‰_ll find only inThe Millionaire Maker.

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