Mind Reading Quick & Easy – Paperback


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Gain a hidden edge usingåÊyour natural mind-reading abilities

It sounds incredible, but you actually read people‰_s minds all the time‰ÛÓyou just don‰_t realize it. Join renowned author Richard Webster as he shows you how to take control of this innate skill by determining your own dominant sense, reading other people‰_s energy, deciphering non-verbal messages, and discreetly influencing others with your thoughts.

Providing easy experiments and exercises, Mind Reading Quick & Easy helps develop and refine your abilities at both a beginner and advanced level. This remarkable book also shows how to develop skills for mind reading using the phone and e-mail, dream telepathy, and mental communication with pets. By enhancing your mind-to-mind connection with others and interpreting body language cues, you‰_ll perceive more than you ever thought possible.

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