Mini Cast Iron Incense Burner

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A small holder for incense sticks or cones, available in two sizes


Why We Love This

This little footed bowl has a center plinth that holds up to four sticks of incense. It’s also a stand to set a cone of incense upon. We love that the surrounding well is designed to catch any ash, and is deep enough so the remnants won’t blow out, keeping surfaces clean.


Regarded for its precision-made quality and beauty, ironware has been produced in Japan for more than 400 years. With its three-legged base, this incense burner is stable even on irregular surfaces. It’s also virtually unbreakable, making it great for outdoor use. The four holes in the center allow for burning several different scents at one time to create a special bouquet. Its black finish, with a slight sheen, makes it both ancient and modern. Handmade in Japan by skilled craftspeople, the attention to detail ensures the highest quality. Available in two sizes, 3.25” x 1.375” and 2.125” x 2”.

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