Miniature Bronze Horse Statuary

A tiny horse sculpture from the Chinese zodiac, available in small or large


Why We Love This

This pocket-sized horse is said to invoke energies of happiness, friendliness and pleasure, and to harness positivity and warmth. The horse is one of our favorite animals in the Chinese zodiac because It’s intelligent, sociable, active, and regarded for its strong sense of humor.


An altar provides a focus for ritual, ceremony, prayer and meditation, and objects placed there are infused with personal meaning. They can represent people, spirits and ideas that contribute energy to an altar, such as this symbolic animal sculpture. Each animal is drawn from the Chinese zodiac and represents a particular personality trait. Made in Japan, it’s cast in bronze, a metal known for its strong yet gentle healing energies, and is hand-polished with a rich, black finish. Each animal stands no more than one-inch high.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 oz




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