Modern Rites of Passage


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Witchcraft Today, Book Two: Rites of Passage is about how people following a Pagan lifestyle are able to deal with current problems through the help of ritual and wisdom.

This book is about ritual, the glue that binds Pagan culture. Many teachers of Witchcraft focus on young (usually single) adults. This collection of writings takes a wider view with the long-term goal of presenting a living Pagan culture. If modern Pagan traditions are to persist and have any effect on the world community in an overt way, they must encompass people of all ages.Witchcraft Today . . . Modern Rites of Passage deals with just these issues. It is organized according some of life’s significant markers: birth, puberty, adulthood, partnership, parenthood. Articles include:

̴ÌÁChildbirth and Wiccaning
̴ÌÁRaising a Pagan child
̴ÌÁBetween the Worlds: late adolescence and early adulthood in modern Paganism
̴ÌÁWorking with an under-aged seeker
̴ÌÁReflections on conversion to Wicca
̴ÌÁInitiation by Ordeal: military service as a passage into adulthood
̴ÌÁHandfasting: marriage and the modern pagan
̴ÌÁPuberty rites for adult women
̴ÌÁPagan approaches to illness, grief and loss
̴ÌÁWitches after forty
̴ÌÁPagan rites of dying

Collected and edited by Chas. S. Clifton, Witchcraft Today . . . Modern Rites of Passagefeatures some powerful writers from the pagan community, including Patricia Telesco, Anodea Judith, Oz, Grey Cat, Judy Harrow, and others.

If Witchcraft is to grow and expand, it must deal effectively with issues facing its practitioners today. Performing magic, working spells, devotion to the Lord and Lady are important, but the Craft must also deal with practical issues facing its followers. That’s where Witchcraft Today . . . Modern Rites of Passage comes in. To learn more about the ways other Pagans are dealing with current issues, or to bring some potential insights into your own practice of Wicca, getWitchcraft Today, Book Two: Modern Rites of Passage.

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