Moonstone Hoop Earring 14k Gold


A precious, single hoop earring of moonstone and gold link chain


Why We Love This

A bejeweled chain loops from the front of the earlobe to the back in this innovative design. Three moonstones are delicately set along a length of 14-karat-gold chain. Moonstone, an ancient talisman of the inward journey, brings needed things to light. Like the cycles of the moon, this stone teaches us the natural rhythms of life.


Worn as a single earring, it goes with any outfit, whether it’s a night out or day-to-day. Based in Beverly Hills, California, Jacquie Aiche’s designs reflect a relaxed and glamorous lifestyle. The traditional processes and principles of jewelry-making are made slightly rebellious with a design that’s refined and unconventional. Each earring is handmade. The most precious stones are sourced and set with 14-karat gold in this earring that measures 2Ωî flat.

About the Maker

Jacquie Aiche’s mission is to design and create fine jewelry that illuminates the inner beauty of all women, so they look and feel uniquely themselves. Her Egyptian and Native American roots have shaped her distinctive design sensibility and philosophy. Precious gemstones, fossils and turquoise of the American West converge with imagery of the Middle East. A natural elegance with a hint of individual rebellion defines her signature style.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 2.5 in


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