MQuan Set of Three Medium Eyes Wall Hanging in Mirror Indigo

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A three-disk stoneware wall hanging

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Why We Love This

Assembled with nylon twine and hung with organic hemp rope, these three medium-sized, mirrored indigo eyes hang about 22 inches long. We love the complexity of each design and the way each one looks back at us. Ideal for indoor use.


While each eye in this set appears to have a different finish, glare and design, the symbolism of each remains constant. The all-seeing eye of God, carefully watching over mankind, has long been an iconic symbol known for its spiritual powers. The eye is also associated with truth, vigilance, moral conscience and acts as a window to the soul. Draw all of that spiritual energy into a space with this special piece.

About the Maker

Michele Quan designs and sculpts handmade ceramic art and objects for the home and garden out of her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Religious symbols and Eastern iconography are articulated in Quan’s work as she finds their meaning and beauty a source of inspiration. Her ceramic pieces are crafted by hand, wheel thrown, or slip cast in stoneware and porcelain. Quan incorporates brass, hand-dyed cotton, felted wool, organically grown hemp rope and reclaimed wood into her art—each piece of which acts as a canvas for her love of drawing, painting, texture and color.

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Weight 38.4 oz
Dimensions 22 × 9 in


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