Mudpuppy 8 Bell Moon Chimes

Ceramic wind chimes, available in two lengths and two finishes


Why We Love This

This minimalist handcrafted string of hanging moon bells can be placed inside the home or serve as a wind chime outdoors. Either way, the sound will nurture your being and transport you away from the day-to-day with this sensory experience.


The maker of these moon bell wind chimes has fired them twice—once as a bisque firing to drive out moisture from the clay, then again with a high firing so they will withstand stormier days and all of nature’s elements. Available in gloss white or unglazed natural, hang as one single strand, or group together for maximum impact. The natural color strand makes a beautiful, deep-ringing sound as they move.

About the Maker

The artist behind this socially responsible and environmentally conscious collection of clay sculpture, Mike McDowell, works to keep his sculptures simple. He also creates items that he would buy himself. His work stems from a place of great intention—laid off from a day job as a web designer, he not only crafts pieces of art, but crafted a more balanced life by turning his hobby into a business. He has since partnered with another artist, Chase Buerck, to meet growing demand for his art.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz



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