Murano Glass Pen with two Antique Nibs and Ink

Glass calligraphy pen available in black and blue


Why We Love This

This Murano glass pen comes with two antique nibs, each with different amounts of flexibility for varying styles of writing. We adore that it has precious crystal of copper melted into the glass to give it extra shine and beauty.


It’s been said that Murano glass, made from rock crystal called quartz, possesses the same healing powers as quartz—a symbol of spirit and sharpness. A tiny group of islands in the Adriatic Sea near Venice, Italy, Murano is the world’s leading producer of handblown glass objects. The centuries-old tradition of crafting decorative Venetian glass has been used to make this delicate writing piece. Enjoy the feel of writing with this pen, and be sure to notice how its glazed appearance lets light trickle through as it moves across the page.

About the Maker

Maintaining centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship, the Italian company Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica has made calligraphy and writing instruments since 1980. Located on the edge of the Venice lagoon, this luxury-goods company makes all its pieces by hand using precious metals, handblown glass and all-natural ingredients. The collaboration of four brothers, every product created has been fine-tuned over the years through experience and advances, while still keeping with age-old methods used by their ancestors.

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Weight 7.4 oz




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