Nature Of Man According To The Vedanta


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John Levy was a mystic, teacher, and artist who died in 1976. An Englishman, Levy spent many years in India with his guru, Krishna Menon, and brought his knowledge of Advaita Vedanta to the west in an accessible form. In The Nature of Man According to the Vedanta, John Levy makes the classic argument against subject-object duality and concludes that the true Self cannot be known‰ÛÓas to know it would be to objectify it. Oddly enough, this is a liberating discovery; we see that our essence cannot be altered by anything we do or anything that happens to us. This consideration frees us to tackle anything‰ÛÓto jump into the stream of life and enjoy the experience‰ÛÓbecause there is an untouchable reality at the core of our existence. This book is one of the finest expressions of non-dualist philosophy. A must-have for those seeking deeper insight into the essential nature of the human being.

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