Nineteenth-Century Women Poets : An Oxford Anthology


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Nineteenth-Century Women Poets is a major new anthology, selecting widely from writings produced in a period that has traditionally been associated with relatively few eminent female poets. Opening with Anna Laetitia Barbauld’s petition to William Wilberforce and ending with the myth-making Irish writers of the Celtic revival, Nineteenth-Century Women Poets rediscovers rich and diverse female traditions. The anthology presents the work of over one hundred women writers. Besides featuring distinguished middle-class poets such as Felicia Hemans, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Christina Rossetti, the collection presents work by authors such as Maria Jane Jewsbury, Augusta Webster, and Michael Field, whose significance is only now becoming apparent. It achieves range and depth by reprinting poems by working-class, colonial, and political poets, in addition to very substantial selections from the work of major figures. The collection draws on first editions wherever possible.
The chronological span of the anthology provides a unique perspective on women’s poetry from the late-Romantic period to the Victorian fin-de-siecle. The editorial commentary and headnotes supply biographical details, document the activities and publications of individual poets, examine the political formations and cultural groupings to which these writers belonged, and describe the print media which made the development of their work possible, in particular the minority journals that allowed them a voice.

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