Nirvana Sutras And Advaita-Vedanta : Beneath The Illusion Of Being


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Now from the founder of Quantum Psychology, a direct disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the author of fourteen books, comes the last word in Self-realization.” The Nirvana Sutras and Advaita-Vedanta: Beneath the Illusion of Being.” Following on Nisargadatta Maharaj’s basic premise, “All you can teach is understanding, the rest comes on its own,” Dr. Wolinsky through a series of sutras and commentaries, demonstrates using eight contexts ranging from Buddhism to science, from Advaita-Vedanta, neuro-science and linguistics, and tantric yoga, to provide a long neglected understanding which lies at the core of all of these teachings, that all spirituality and psychology are dependent on the existence of a separate independent individual subject-I, and if this subject-I is an illusion, a product of the nervous system, a miss-perception, then a not only does the “I” disappear, but so does the foundation and basic premise of all spirituality, spiritual paths and psychology.

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