Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are : 15th Anniversary Edition


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Nothing in This Book Is True, But It‰_s Exactly How Things Are is an account of humankind‰_s function within the grand celestial battle between internal and external knowledge. Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, presenting a big-screen view of the Earth through the experience of the Ascended Masters, Thoth, Babaji, and Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Pulling in all manner of conspiracy theories from the Secret Government to the Philadelphia Experiment, Frissell proposes both a core transdimensional shift based on the Mayan calendar and a personal Rapture mediated through the connected, affirmed breaths of rebirthing that his teacher Melchizedek used to travel from the other side of the universe to here‰ÛÓbreathing your own spacecraft(merkaba) out of and around your aura in order to travel through the astral realms.

The 15th anniversary edition of this cult classic is revised and expanded with new illustrations and 50 pages of important new information on the Lucifer Rebellion, the solar storm, and the final three breaths of themerkaba meditation.

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