Nousaku Brass Hand Bell

Handcrafted brass hand bell in slim silver, horn gold or onion copper


Why We Love This

These bells are hand-turned on a lathe until totally smooth, producing a tranquil sound digital bells can’t replicate. Each of the three shapes has a distinct timbre. Keep them at hand to use as paperweights, decorative pieces for a bookshelf or mantle, or in ceremonies from meditation to meals.


The human spirit has responded to this simple, one-note percussion instrument for thousands of years. The earliest bells date from 3000 BC in Asia, and throughout Europe’s history, they’ve rung from steeples and palaces. In addition to marking time (the word ìclockî comes from ìcloca,î the Latin word for bell), bells are prominent in rituals and ceremonies, both religious and secular, for both joyous and solemn occasions. As musical instruments, bells are both simple and charming.

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Weight 16 oz

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