Nousaku Incense Holder


Brass incense holder from Japanese metal artisans


Why We Love This

With a finish in matte natural brass, this brass incense holder makes a simple stand that can work on its own as a paperweight or decorative item when it’s not in use scenting the surroundings.


Burning incense has been practiced since ancient Egyptian times to placate gods and turn away demons. In Japan, where this incense burner is made, 14th-century samurai warriors used incense to purify themselves and make them feel more powerful before going into battle. Incense has also long been burned in religious rites from China to England, while in other cultures, it’s used medicinally or enjoyed simply for the scent it adds to the air. Created by Nousaku metal artisans, this incense holder has a substantial weight, thanks to the brass construction. Just place an incense stick in the .87-inch hole at the top.

Additional information

Weight 11.2 oz




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