Nousaku Pen Tray

Solid-brass pen tray made by Japanese metal artisans


Why We Love This

This simple yet substantial pen tray provides a special resting place for favorite writing instruments. We love the lines on this piece, including the gentle dip in its center. No more losing pens: Corral preferred writing implements on this solid-brass pen tray that makes a statement all its own.


Ancient Egyptians began writing on papyrus using pens made from reeds in about 3000 BC. Quill pens followed in the 7th century, and fountain pens more than a thousand years later. A century ago, Japanese metalworkers began handcrafting Buddhist altar fittings. Today, they make a host of artisanal metal products, including these solid-brass pen trays available in natural brass finish or black. Keep favorite pens in one spot in style with this pen tray.

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Weight 8 oz




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