Nousaku Tsubomi Wind Bell


Brass wind bell designed as a chime to catch the wind

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Made by Japanese master metalworkers, this wind bell has a clear chime that can only be produced by a brass bell. Its wind sails, made of ethereal cotton fluff, recall clouds floating in the sky. We love the delicate beauty of this wind bell’s appearance and sound.


Wind chimes are thought to bring good luck into a home and promote a relaxing, peaceful environment. Designed by Masanori Oji, each brass wind bell is made one at a time on a lathe using traditional casting techniques that have been passed down through the generations for over 400 years. Though the bell has a finish applied during the manufacturing process to fix the color, it may fade slightly over time. The manufacturer recommends protecting the bell from rain, as the cotton wind sails are not waterproof, and bringing it indoors during high winds.

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