Nummite Tumbled Stone

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Known as the Sorcerer’s Stone, this ancient crystal is intended to help with intuition


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It is believed Nuummite’s magic lies in the positive energy it adds to our lives by releasing trapped energies. Considered to be strongly rooted natural earth power, Nuumite is a neutralizer for our over reliance on technology, which can dull our instincts. We’re totally captivated by its dark charcoal-black color with shimmering iridescent flashes of bright color.


Formed 3 billion years ago, this crystal is named for the mountain region of Greenland it originates from, called Nuuk. Modern crystal healers believe that crystals act as conduits, allowing positive energy to flow into the body while releasing negative energy and connecting the physical body to the spiritual body. It is believed Nuummite brings good luck by increasing the number of synchronicities in life, which can promote manifestation. Practitioners say it assists in reducing stress and can induce deep sleep. They also suggest wearing/carrying it for continuous energy to ward off exhaustion. This stone’s tumbled shape was created by a process that slowly polishes it, revealing its vibrant color and natural features while smoothing its edges, making it is easier to carry in a pocket or pouch. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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