Nur Gallery Natural Multi Stripe Padded Cushion

A handmade cushion in 100% French linen


Why We Love This

Handmade in Paris, French linen is carefully selected and stitched into an alternating stripes of white and ecru. It can help create a home sanctuary or just a comfortable seat. Its long, ample size and plush feel make it ideal as a bolster or floor cushion beside a fireplace.


New and vintage linen is stitched together in a modernist stripe pattern to create a home design accent that will go with pretty much any style. The hand-tufted design makes it durable and tailored. Gallery Nur, located on Rue Savoie in Paris, procures artisan homewares. Mix and match this pillow with the various stripe and size options.

About the Maker

Nur Gallery is a Paris collective of artisans and designers who create finely crafted homewares that merge classic with modern and rustic with refined. Every item is handmade from natural, high-grade materials to add warmth and polish to interior spaces. Named nur, Arabic for light, they bring artisans’ design-forward work to light.

Additional information

Weight 64 oz




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