Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

Green tea bags with roasted brown rice for a mild grain and grassy flavor


Why We Love This

The ceremonial practice of brewing and drinking tea helps us stay grounded. This certified organic, premium brown rice green tea is grown and harvested on a plantation in the Japanese highlands by five generations of master tea makers.


Genmaicha is green tea combined with roasted brown rice. This blend of rice grains and tea leaves results in a mild flavor of warm grains and fresh, grassy notes. When steeped to its optimal, golden color, the nutty flavor and toasty aroma balance the astringency of green tea. Preparing and consuming tea can be a ceremonial practice that adds to the day. A known source of antioxidants, green teas are said to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and boost the immune system. Parceled in hand-sewn silk pyramids for a deep infusion of flavor and the perfect one-cup amount. Ten sachets are housed in each black matte cylindrical tin.

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Weight 3.5 oz




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