Organic Kanayamidori Green Tea

Abundantly fragrant and mildly sweet tea, designed for centeredness


Why We Love This

This premium Kanayamidori tea is grown and harvested on an organic tea plantation in the Japanese highlands run by the same family of master tea makers for five generations. A daily practice, brewing and drinking this mildly sweet tea with notes of honey and an herbal fragrance is a recipe for centeredness.


The Kanayamidori leaves are lightly steamed when processing which allows for it to maintain its distinctive characteristics. The final tea, a deep bright green with a long needle-like shape, is very fragrant with a fresh, clean aroma. Brewing into a mild, clear yellow tea, it’s soft and clean, with a sweet milky flavor. Use this blend in the ceremony of tea, where thoughtful preparation and presentation contribute to an overall wellbeing. A known source of antioxidants, green teas are said to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and boost the immune system. Tea comes thoughtfully packaged in an elegant black matte cylindrical tin.

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Weight 8 oz



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