Organic Meigetsu Green Tea

A bright, healthful brew cultivated at the first signs of spring


Why We Love This

Meigetsu green tea contains the first-harvested, highest-quality tea leaves of the year. It holds a fresh, sweet aroma like the first buds of spring. This special reserve is grown and cultivated by fifth generation tea masters in the highlands of Japan and packaged lovingly to maintain all the health benefits.


The philosophy of the tea ceremony is that each step of the procurement, preparation and consumption is treasured as part of a ritual. Organic Meigetsu tea brings meaning to the ritual as it’s collected as spring begins. Sourced where temperatures severely fluctuate from night to day producing exceptionally lush leaves, it has a bright flavor and bouquet. Like the first signs of spring, this tea is a vivid green. A known source of antioxidants, green teas are said to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and boost the immune system. Parceled in hand-sewn silk pyramids for a deep infusion of flavor and a pre-measured one-cup amount. Ten premium sachets are housed in an elegant, black matte, cylindrical tin.

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Weight 3.5 oz



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