Our Lady of Guadalupe – Hardcover


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The great saints, mystics, and legends of the world’s spiritual traditions exist as eternal inspirations to us in our own search for the divine. In our continuing book series, Sounds True offers these small, rich “gems of devotion” for readers seeking to build a personal connection to the greatest spiritual figures of history and lore. Combining the writings and poetry of the masters and their devotees with beautiful artwork and historical context, these gift-sized books invite readers into the presence of the beacons of human enlightenment, whose universal wisdom speaks to seekers everywhere across the boundaries of faith and culture. Our Lady of Guadalupe takes readers to a time when a modest Aztec peasant had a vision of a radiant woman “clothed in the sun”. This divine visitor emerged as a union between Mary of Christianity and the mother goddess of the native people. As her legend swept across the crumbling Aztec empire, she inspired millions of followers to peacefully embrace a changing world. Today, the beloved Lady of Guadalupe still acts as a benevolent, merciful force to overcome strife and violence. For those times when we are called to engage in compassionate yet decisive action, it is the force of the divine feminine embodied by Our Lady of Guadalupe that can guide our path.

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