OVO Ceramics Handmade Porcelain Spoonl

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A petite porcelain utensil for serving or stirring, available in small or large

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Why We Love This

Made from porcelain and shaped by hand, this spoon is sized to serve condiments, such as sugar, jam or honey. The bowl of the spoon is glazed clear and the outer surface is unglazed for a subtle contrast. Made by Japanese ceramicist Yuka Uchida, each spoon has slight variations due to its handmade nature. Lead-free, food-safe.


The word porcelain comes from the Italian porcellana, meaning cowrie shell, because its translucence is similar to seashells. Since it was originally developed in China more than 2000 years ago, porcelain is often referred to as fine china. Ovo Ceramics brings modern design to this age-old medium.

About the Maker

After studying architecture and fine art, then working in interior and product design, New York City-based Japanese artist Yuka Uchida founded Ovo Ceramics, a line of handmade porcelain tableware. The artist wanted to merge her passions for handcraft and product design, and in ceramics she found the ideal medium to do so. She is drawn to the natural texture, warm white color and flexibility of porcelain. A portion of every sale goes to All Hands Volunteers, a non-profit organization that provides hands-on support to survivors of natural disasters.

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