Owl Place Card Holder

An owl totem and place card holder in antique black cast iron

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Why We Love This

With its sculptural charm and aura of mystery, this cast iron creature of the night serves a practical purpose with a magical accent. Use several to display the seating arrangement at a dinner party, or set one on a counter or entry table to hold a recipe card or a note to a family member.


The owl is deeply connected to wisdom and intuition. An ancient symbol of femininity, the moon and magic, this nocturnal creature is said to have the power to extract secrets. It’s known as the bird of prophecy and is thought to appear in the dreams of those who need to let go of a negative part of their lives. The very presence of an owl is a predictor of change. Many believe that its eyes pierce through fear and darkness to light and knowledge. As a spirit animal, the owl is a guide to see whatever is hidden. A totem of an owl, like this cast iron figure, symbolizes the ability to see beyond masks and deceit.

About the Maker

Serenity, simplicity, and warmth—these qualities resonate throughout HomArt’s collection of objects and furnishings. Sustainability is also at the heart of the California company’s approach to decor. Some of its one-of-a-kind products are discovered on antiquing trips around the world, at Indian souks, Asian bazaars and European flea markets. Others are crafted from recycled materials by artists who transform abandoned materials into new decorative objects with a timeless charm.

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