Ozone Layer Shea Lotion

A simple, two-ingredient source of pure skin hydration

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Why We Love This

From the people who developed a natural deodorant from ozone comes one of the most natural and effective moisturizers we’ve ever experienced. A fair trade, chemical-free, cruelty-free skin protector that’s safe for even sensitive skin. We love that there’s no greasy residue, either.


Why do other shea butter lotions dilute the wonders of this natural ingredient with unnecessary fillers and chemicals? Ozone Layer has figured out how to formulate this two-ingredient shea butter lotion with 99.7%¬†real shea butter, plus just a few drops of rosemary extract to prevent oxidation, and a touch of lavender essential oil for that fabulous, relaxing fragrance, in a pump-able form that won’t solidify, even when it’s cool. No additional water, glycerin, or petroleum by-products necessary.

About the Maker

Public Health researcher Todd Platzer discovered this deodorant’s formula while studying odor-eliminating effects of ozone on the skin. He teamed with Reid McEwen, an MBA driven to change American business by putting the public’s best interests at heart. Headquartered at the beach in North Carolina, these two guys are using earth-friendly operations and natural ingredients to “rid the Earth of harmful consumer products and ultimately save humanity, one armpit at a time.”

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