Patricia Vieljeux Grey Stoneware Salad Bowl

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A handcrafted grey stoneware bowl

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Why We Love This

This piece, inspired by antiquity, is actually the perfect bowl for everyday use. We love the smooth and softly glazed finish that gives us a moment of pleasure, even when tossing salad.


First invented when cavemen discovered that clay could be dug up, mixed with water, and then fired to make objects, ceramics have been around for hundreds of centuries. As early as 24,000 B.C., animal figurines were baked inside kilns. Later on, settlers in Europe and Asia began using pottery vessels to store water and food. The art of ceramics remains a beloved tradition even today, continuing to blend the primitive with the contemporary to produce timeless and natural pieces for the modern home or sanctuary. They combine just the right amount of practicality with ornamental beauty to lend warmth and style to any space.

About the Maker

Specializing in hand made stoneware and porcelain ceramics, Patricia Vieljeux has been lovingly producing unique pieces from her tiny, a-bit-off-the-beaten-path boutique in Paris since 1992. An experienced ceramist who had previously worked with a variety of pottery studios, Vieljeux uses primitive and contemporary arts as inspiration for her simply-shaped containers, which include timeless bowls, cups, spoons and bottles that provide both modern form and function. By playing with design contrasts and adding delicate decorative touches, Vieljeux creates everyday items perfect for any home or sanctuary to display–and use–unique pottery.

Additional information

Weight 81.1 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in


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