Pave Watermelon Tourmaline and Crystal Pink Tourmaline Baguette Stud 14k Gold


Two stones, one post in a single stud earring


Why We Love This

The refined clarity of this cut pink tourmaline is coupled with the organic quality of the watermelon tourmaline. We love how the watermelon tourmaline, wrapped in pavÈ diamonds, is pale pink and green, giving it a depth and tone only nature could dream up.


Jacquie Aiche embraces the vitality of jewels as a way to empower the wearer from the inside out. Using only the best stones and gold, consider her jewelry wearable art. Handmade in Beverly Hills, California, each earring is crafted using traditional processes and with a free spirit’s hand. The stones are set in 14-karat yellow gold and the earring measures Ωî.

About the Maker

Jacquie Aiche’s mission is to design and create fine jewelry that illuminates the inner beauty of all women, so they look and feel uniquely themselves. Her Egyptian and Native American roots have shaped her distinctive design sensibility and philosophy. Precious gemstones, fossils and turquoise of the American West converge with imagery of the Middle East. A natural elegance with a hint of individual rebellion defines her signature style.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 0.25 in


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