Phi bioDOT Personal Vibrational Energy Healing


A tool designed to rebalance energy from exposure to electronic technology

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This personal protective tool is designed to harmonize energy emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. In the form of a small adhesive magnet, it is worn or carried on the body and is safe for babies, children, pets and even plants.


The BioDOT helps manage the effects of exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies, also known as EMFs. EMFs are energy fields emitted from electronic devices. Exposure to these is said to interfere with our bodies’ own electrical and biochemical responses. The BioDOT is a magnet programmed with naturally occurring bio-energetic information, known as an energy signature. It is designed to return a person’s energy to a natural, harmonic state. Intended to be on day and night, simply stick to something worn or carried, like a watch or wallet. It is waterproof so it can be kept on while bathing or swimming. When not wearing, place in the refrigerator or under a bowl of food to keep it fresh and unaffected.

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