Phi bioTAG with electroDOT Personal Vibrational Energy Healing and Anti EMF

A wearable medallion designed to help protect against electro-magnetic frequencies

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Why We Love This

The BioTag is a simple way to wear a BioDOT. On the front of this white, silver plated disk is the Phi logo and attached to the back is a DOT, a personal protective tool designed to harmonize energy emitted by electronic devices. Bonus: the SmartDOT comes with it.


The BioTag is intended to help manage the effects of exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies, also known as EMFs, which are manmade frequencies emitted from electronic devices. EMFs are said to interfere with our bodies’ own electrical and biochemical responses. The BioDOT, a magnet programmed with natural, bio-energetic information known as an energy signature, is designed to re-tune and return energy to a natural, harmonized state. The BioTag comes on a 21/3” leather cord that can be looped through a strap, belt loop or worn as a pendant. Attach the SmartDOT to your cell phone to help increase the effects of EMF protection.

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