Phi electroDOT & wi-fiDOT Anti EMF Set


Magnets designed to protect from electro-magnetic frequencies

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Why We Love This

DOTS are protective tools designed to harmonize energy emitted by electronic devices. This package contains two DOTS, one designed for balancing WiFi energy and one for general electronic energy. They can be applied directly to devices. We love that these are a simple, natural way to improve vitality.


Each DOT is a little magnet that is programmed with an energy signature, a naturally occurring bio-energetic code designed for specific devices. The DOT works like a tuning fork, realigning invisible waves, known as electro-magnetic frequencies (or EMFs), transmitted from electronic technology. It is believed the human body’s own electrical sensors recognize the re-tuned emissions as being aligned with its natural state. Use the ElectroDOT for cell phones, computers or keyboards, and the WiFiDOT for routers and modems. Peel off the paper backing and stick directly onto the device.

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