Phi Sterling Silver Necklace with bioPENDANT Personal Vibrational Energy Healing

A handmade, sterling silver necklace designed to protect from electro-magnetic frequencies

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Why We Love This

Intended to balance energy emitted by electronic devices, this double-sided pendant contains a BioDOT, a magnet programmed with natural, bio-energetic information that re-tunes man-made frequencies. The silver rim is encoded and embossed with numerology and sacred geometry.


One side of the pendant has the interlocking circles of the Flower of Life, an ancient sacred symbol. The other side, set into mother pearl, is a BioDOT. Like a tuning fork, the DOT is designed to resynchronize electro-magnetic frequencies, or EMFs, by aligning them to a harmonic, more natural state. Exposure to EMFs is said to interfere with our bodies’ own electrical and biochemical responses. DOTS are intended to protect against EMFs and maintain health. Strung on a 20-inch silver chain, the necklace can be worn day and night. Adhere the complimentary SmartDOT on a phone, tablet, television, computer or even a baby monitor to mitigate transmitted energies.

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