Pierre Leaded Glass Square Case: Zinc

Leaded glass box edged in antique black zinc with a hinged top


Why We Love This

Simple and elegant, this box is ideal for displaying treasured objects that beg to be seen—colorful crystals or sea glass, unusual stones or shells. We love how it’s also a pretty spot to place jewelry or everyday elements like cards or keys.


Zinc is steeped in history. In 13th century India—centuries before zinc was mined in the metallic form—zinc compounds were used for healing wounds and sore eyes. It’s believed that the Chinese started using zinc at the end of the third century BC for making Hindu and Buddhist icons, once they discovered that zinc added to copper created a golden glitter. Since it molded readily, was inexpensive compared to stone, and could be painted to imitate more expensive metals, zinc was also frequently used throughout history for sculptural, decorative and architectural elements. This Pierre Leaded Glass Square Case from HomArt connects the past to the present.

About the Maker

Serenity, simplicity, and warmth—these qualities resonate throughout HomArt’s collection of objects and furnishings. Sustainability is also at the heart of the California company’s approach to decor. Some of its one-of-a-kind products are discovered on antiquing trips around the world, at Indian souks, Asian bazaars and European flea markets. Others are crafted from recycled materials by artists who transform abandoned materials into new decorative objects with a timeless charm.

Additional information

Weight 26.1 oz




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