Pixel Motif Silk Bed Cover

A silk patchwork coverlet, available in two colors


Why We Love This

BÈatrice Lavalís impeccable taste brings the elements of this bed cover together into one spectacular piece. The textiles come from a world where spirituality is woven into the fabric of daily life. Touch the cloth and you can almost feel the echoes of prayers sent up by the hands that have worked on it.


Like people who make each other better for being together, this one-of-a-kind vintage coverlet combines the past lives of various fabric pieces into one vibrant new existence. Pieced together and unified with a simple yet carefully hand-needled running stitch, this silken treasure comes with a story already begun. Cuddle up beneath it, connect with its past life, and contribute the next chapter. All vintage, antique and one-of-a-kind pieces may have slight imperfections, which are part of their nature and add to their unique character. Sizes may also vary slightly. Because of the special qualities of this piece, unfortunately it cannot be returned.

About the Maker

Le Monde Sauvage springs from the wild world of BÈatrice Lavalís creative imagination, full of color, texture and character inspired by travel, cultural influences and timeless handcrafted luxury. From her four Paris shops, c curated a few very special treasures. Appealing to both our inner nomad and our desire to cocoon, these selections for the home combine folk craft traditions and fresh, modern design in the most soul-satisfying ways.

Additional information

Weight 18.4 oz





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