Plant Plus Diet Solution : Personalized Nutrition for Life


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Harvard-trained cell biologist, health psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., cuts through the thicket of confusing—and often downright wrong—advice on nutrition. She gives you easy-to-digest, bite-sized servings of real scientific information to help you discover which foods your body needs to heal and thrive. In this book, you will discover:

  • How to personalize your diet based on your genes
  • How your diet can actually change your genes through epigenetics
  • The importance of your gut bacteria, and the best plants that feed them
  • How to optimize your metabolism and lose weight
  • What tests to ask your doctor for and why for vibrant health

            Joan also dives into the psychology behind why it’s so hard to make changes, offering practical tips to rewire your brain to reduce cravings and enhance your eating pleasure. Finally, she offers quick recipes and easy-to-follow meal plans that you and your family will love whether you’re omnivores, vegans, or vegetarians.

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