Polly Wales Diamond Halo Ring

Crystal teardrop ring in 18k yellow gold and a rough-luxe baroque style, size 5.5


Why We Love This

This halo ring in 18k yellow gold has both a vintage appeal and modern feel. With a unique and original setting, it features teardrop crystals flanked by smaller stones. We love combination of large and delicate stones and its earthy look.


This halo ring in 18 karat gold features crystal teardrop stones that give it a modern feel plus infinite wearability. Polly Wales designs fine jewelry that’s reflective of the earth, with gemstones cast inside precious metals so they break through and penetrate the surface of the gold. She pioneered this casting technique based on her training as a sculptor. This rough-luxe design aesthetic sets a Polly Wales piece apart from anything ordinary. Her jewelry is meant to be worn every day, alone as a special piece, or stacked in a colorful assortment.

About the Maker

UK-based jewelry designer Polly Wales is inspired by ancient treasures, Byzantine and Indian adornments and the beauty of nature’s imperfections. She casts precious gems and ethically sourced diamonds directly into 18 karat gold, a technique she pioneered and then mastered. Polly Wales is all about raw organic forms, playful colors and ease of wear. Her handcrafted, rough-luxe pieces appear to have risen from the earth itself. Polly Wales also believes in luxury that is socially responsible, ethical and sustainable.

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Weight 3.2 oz




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