Pope Annalisa


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What forces were at work when the unthinkable became reality and an African nun was elected the first female pope? Amid conflicting prophecies of destruction and renewal she came. She is a healer, a miracle worker, a captivator of men’s souls. But when demonic-looking symbols begin appearing around the Vatican upon her arrival, were her enemies correct about her being the prophesied figure that would destroy the church and lead the world order to ruin? As the world nears nuclear holocaust, four people must race against time to learn her secret. As sinister hidden forces from within her own church and terrorism from without rear their heads, one thing becomes crystal clear?Pope Annalisa is at the very center of all the deadly plots within plots in a world where nothing is as it seems. And though it was a miracle for a woman to become pope, it will be a far greater miracle if she survives.

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