Porcelain Totem Stacking Mugs – Set of 4

Four mugs stacked in the form of a totem pole


Why We Love This

Native American mystics believe that each of us is connected with certain animals that act as our guides, depending on what we need. Since we all need food, we think this totem pole stack of mugs brings just the right spiritual assistance to the table, even for something as simple as a bowl of cereal.


Presenting a modern interpretation of an early Native American tradition, Imm Design’s vertical foursome of mugs takes the form of an animal totem pole. Sculpted by designer Rob Southcott, these useful pieces look great displayed on a shelf, peeking out of a cabinet, or filled with food. Serve nuts and snacks for a party, or use them to hold condiments. With their pure white finish, they coordinate with any kind of tableware. And, unlike most spirit animals, they’re safe in both the microwave and the dishwasher.

About the Maker

Based in Toronto, Canada, the design team at Imm Living draws inspiration from every corner of the world. Marrying form and function with a playful sensibility, each piece carries meaning, evoking emotion between objects and people. With reverence for tradition and spirituality sparked by a sense of humor and style, Imm Living’s pieces help one create a personal sanctuary without shutting out popular culture.

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Weight 40 oz
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