Postmodernism for Beginners

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Postmodernism For Beginners features the thoughts of Foucault on power and knowledge, Jameson on mapping the postmodern, Baudrillard on the media, Harvey on time-space compression, Derrida on deconstruction and Deleuze and Guattari on rhizomes. The book also discusses postmodern artifacts such as Madonna, cyberpunk sci-fi, Buddhist ecology and teledildonics.

If you are like most people, you‰_re not sure what Postmodernism is. And if this were like most books on the subject, it probably wouldn‰_t tell you. Besides what a few grumpy critics claim, Postmodernism is not a bunch of meaningless intellectual mind games. On the contrary, it is a reaction to the most profound spiritual and philosophical crises of our time‰ÛÒthe failure of the Enlightenment. Jim Powell takes the position that Postmodernism is a series of ‰ÛÏmaps‰_ that help people find their way through a changing world.

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