Predictive Astrology : A Practical Guide – Paperback

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What happens next? That’s what everybody wants to know, and astrology has been providing answers to that question for centuries. But astrologers are only as good as their methods, and incomplete methods give an incomplete picture.

That’s where progressions come in. When used in conjunction with the other predictive tools in the astrologer’s kit, progressions provide a fresh set of insights into future trends and help complete the picture of the coming days, months, and years.

Predictive Astrology is your complete, no-frills guide to using progressions. It is jammed full of immediately relevant instructions, designed to get you on the fast track to accurate astrological predictions.

åáMethods of progression: secondary, solar arc, and converse
åáComplete analysis of progressed planetary aspects and contacts
åáCombining the interpretation of transits and progessions
åáAnalysis of progressed contacts to natal planets and cusps
åáThe relevance of retrogrades and stations
åáTips on counseling clients about the future
åáAvoiding common pitfalls

Using progressions, you will open a new window onto the vista of the future.


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