Press Here Reflexology for Beginners : Foot Reflexology: a Practice for Promoting Health


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Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural, approach to health which activates the body’s self-healing abilities. It brings the body into a state of deep relaxation where healing can take place.

Every part of your body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet. By applying pressure with your thumb and fingers to specific points, relief will come to the corresponding part of your body. Over the years, reflexology has become more and more popular.

With costs of health care rising each year, exploring alternative and natural healing have essentially become a necessity. An overall healthy lifestyle is a huge part of staying healthy, and the simple and powerful touch of reflexology will give you an immediate leg up in the health department. 

While the principles of reflexology are simple, the complexity of reflexology charts can be overwhelming for the beginner. Press Here! Reflexology for Beginners gives a clear understanding of where to find the reflex point on the foot, how it relates to the body, and how to apply the correct pressure for the strongest effect.

Organized by reflex¬¨‚Ćpoints from the top of the body to the bottom–one at a time on a double page–makes this guide a breeze to follow, and a fun and easy¬¨‚Ćway to explore the art of foot reflexology.

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