Queen Moon Reishi Gheenache


An all-organic, lactose-free chocolate spread made from raw cacao, ghee and reishi

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Why We Love This

Gheenache™ is a nutrient-rich, spoon-able, chocolate spread, said to ease digestion and benefit overall health. Queen Moon Reishi contains reishi, a Chinese herbal mushroom believed to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.


Playing off the word ganache, a creamy chocolate glaze or ingredient known in France, Gheenache™ is made with ghee, an aromatic clarified butter originating from India. Gheenache™ was invented by ZenBunni and is theirs exclusively. Made from only organic ingredients, cacao beans are sourced from biodynamic farms in Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, then stone-ground to preserve nutrients. Biodynamic farming is an organic, ancient practice that involves rotating crops to maintain soil health. ZenBunni’s Gheenache™ is free of gluten, soy, lactose, casein, and refined sugar. It is sweetened with organic cane jaggery—a dark brown sugar made from the evaporated sap of palm trees.

About the Maker

Zen Nishimura and Bunni Nishimura are the husband-and-wife duo behind ZenBunni, the magical California chocolate and incense shops (sometimes called “rabbit holes”), one in Venice, one in Santa Monica, California. They bring creative backgrounds—Zen as a fashion designer, Bunni as a photographer—and a cosmic spirit to their unique, handmade products. Whether baking their renowned small-batch confections or commissioning Indonesian incense from organic herbs, the couple is true to the ancient methods of biodynamic farming—planting and harvesting according to moon cycles, in harmony with nature.

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