Reawakening the Spirit in Work : The Power of Dharmic Management


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“The key questions for today’s managers and leaders,” writes Jack Hawley, “are no longer issues of task and structure, but questions of spirit….not religion, spirit.” We all yearn for spiritually rooted qualities at work – integrity, character, inspiration, belief, and even reverence – qualities that are key factors in an enterprise’s success.
Hawley provides a direct response to the widespread desire for spirituality at work, offering a practical vision of work permeated with “dharma” – deep integrity fusing spirit, character, human values, and decency. He shows how successful leaders or managers who are motivated by a spiritual vision liberate the best in people, and explains why all leadership is spiritual. He provides many examples of people actually living by their inner truth at work, and shows how such people can create an improved place to work and a better life as well as a more resilient, effective organization that is prepared to meet the challenges of the present and future.

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