Red Dao Traditional Vietnamese Embroidered Indigo Jacket


A tribal dress, hand-embroidered by Vietnamese artisans


Why We Love This

This coat, part of traditional Vietnamese dress, is a statement piece that enhances anything worn beneath it. Historical, intricate patterns inspired by nature are stitched in silk thread with precision to create this coat of many colors. Can be worn as a tunic or light overcoat.


Embroidery is a significant craft in many Vietnamese villages. Designs are sewn from the reverse side of the cotton and the sequence of the stitches is recalled from memory; no template is used. Motifs and patterns represent village life and symbols of mysticism such as stars, trees and fields. Ly Ta May, an expert embroiderer, leads Red Dao and continues to pass ancient designs and methods down from generation to generation, teaching the women in her community a means of living and identity. The sale of this item helps maintain sustainability by providing income and preserving their cultural traditions.

About the Maker

Red Dao, named for the indigenous people of northern Vietnam, is an enterprise founded by Ly Ta May, a textile artisan and community leader. Based in the mountain village of Taphin, she works to bring her village’s goods to an international audience by selling at local markets as well as the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Red Dao channels her passion to help her community thrive and maintain its distinct culture. The business practices of Red Dao support her family as well as the women in her village.

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